Who are you?
We are the student organization connected with the Episcopal Anglican Campus Ministry at the University of Maryland. We include students of all sorts: undergrads, graduate, American, international, queer, straight, and so much more. Faculty and staff are welcome to be a part, too. The Episcopal Anglican Campus Ministry is one of the 14 chaplaincies formally affiliated with UMD. The EACM office is located in Memorial Chapel, #2116.

What do you do?
We gather regularly for prayer, Bible and book discussions, service projects, and more. We typically have a prayer service (called Connect) and a Bible or book study once a week. We engage in service to our community through serving at local shelters and soup kitchens, organizing resource drives, and other projects. We take care of other Terps by offering interfaith activities and support during stressful times. In the past year we’ve invited Terps to remember someone they’ve lost with an All Souls Day prayer station and given away Winter Care packages, among other projects.

Where does your motto come from?
Our motto is “Seek Christ. Love your neighbor. Strive for justice.” These phrases are taken from the Baptismal Covenant that Episcopal churches use when new people are baptized. When a person is baptized, we all renew our vows, using the words of this covenant. You can read the whole thing here. We think these three phrases point to the essential components of the Christian life.

Who’s your chaplain?
Our chaplain is the Rev. Sarah Akes-Cardwell, an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church. Sarah is originally from Tennessee and moved to the DC area to attend seminary in 2013. She and her wife have 2 cats, way too many books, and enjoy exploring quirky historical sites around the DMV. She loves hearing others’ life stories, and she’s always available to buy you a cup of coffee and chat about life. The best way to get in touch is by email.

What’s your position on LGBTQ+ issues?
The Episcopal Terps and the Episcopal Church support LGBTQ+ people and relationships. Our diocese (local governance) marches in the DC Pride parade every year.

How can I learn more about the Episcopal Church?
Email Chaplain Sarah or read more about what we believe.

How can I find out what’s happening with the Episcopal Terps?
Join our email list, and follow us on Instagram & Facebook.