Connect tonight!

Join us this evening at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church for Prayer Service at 7:00 and free dinner after the service (around 7:30).

No Bible Study today! We’d planned to finish our study of Job with VeggieTales, but it turns out VeggieTales has never made a Job episode. (Which, you know, makes sense, because it would be a challenging story to tell with cartoon vegetables.) Join us at 6:00 next Tuesday as we start talking about Jonah! (If you can, read all 4 chapters before next week, but if you don’t get to it, come join the discussion anyway.)

Community Service internship available!

Do you have a passion for serving others? Would you like to plan service projects and get others involved in them? Consider applying for our new intern position! Details below. Email Chaplain Kristen for more information or to apply.


The EACM Community Service Intern will organize and lead our service projects. This role requires approximately 8 hours per month.


The intern will:

  • Research, plan, and lead community service projects (approximately 2 per semester) for the Episcopal Anglican Campus Ministry and the Episcopal Terps, in consultation with the Chaplain.
  • Communicate and coordinate with other organizations (both on- and off-campus) as needed.
  • Assist with “tabling” events such as FreeFest, First Look Fair, and Second Look Fair.
  • Coordinate with other interns as needed.
  • Attend monthly leadership team planning meetings (either in person or via video).
  • Be a regular part of EACM/Episcopal Terps programming outside service projects.
  • Other related duties as assigned.


The Intern will:

  • be a full-time student in good standing at the University of Maryland in College Park;
  • agree to work in the tradition of Christianity as the Episcopal Church has received and practices it.*


The Intern will receive $300 per semester, paid in two installments approximately 1 month in to the semester and 2 weeks before the end of the semester.

*The Intern does not necessarily need to be an Episcopalian, but it is important that they hold a similar theological framework and practice so as to be able to appropriately promote the work of the Episcopal Anglican Campus Ministry.

Service project TONIGHT!

Join us tonight for our annual service project with the Warm Nights shelter! Warm Nights is a rotating shelter that moves among area churches during the colder months. We will be preparing dinner, serving our guests, packing their lunches for tomorrow, and cleaning up. All are welcome to join in, and dinner is included for volunteers, too. We start at 6:00 at St. Andrew’s (or a little earlier, if you can!). If you can’t stay for the whole evening, we’d be grateful for your help whenever you can be there. Questions? Email us.

Job Bible study starts Tuesday

We’re starting out this semester with a study of the book of Job. Contact Chaplain Kristen to get the background info and commentary. This week we’ll discuss chapters 1-3, which you can read online here.  As you read, consider the following:

  • Joy: What in the text brings you joy?
  • Junk: What in the text bothers you, makes you uncomfortable, or brings up questions?
  • Jehovah: Where do you see God in the text?

We’ll use these questions to guide our discussion.

Join us on Tuesdays at 6:00 for Bible study! You can find us at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, in the Parish Hall.